Catering orders received for groups of 10 or more. Catering requires 3 days notice. Free delivery for all orders over $300 within the Newcastle city and inner suburb areas. Pick-up available from the shop Monday to Sunday.  Office is unattended Saturdays & Sundays. Menu subject to change. For large events, please enquire about a quote for custom off-site catering, grazing tables or cheese and bread platters. 

To book our back room  $115 per day (week days) $180 per day (weekends) 






Large Tart $38
Medium Tart $28
Cardamom Cake $28.5
Lemon Crumble $35


Press Pot Coffee. Pablo & Rusty's batch brew $1.50pp
Tea $1.50pp
Soda - Seasonal house-made flavours $6 per jug


A selection of indiviual pastries and tarts selected from what we have baked on the day @ $6.50ea

Fresh Bread & Sides
Fresh sliced bread with sides of ham, hummus, pickles, dukkah, roast tomatoes and cheddar cheese serves 10 people @ $65.00

Toasted Muesli Fruit & Yoghurt Bowl
Our baker's oven toasted rye grain, barberry and apricot muesli with fruit, yoghurt and honey @ $12.50 per person

A choice of our daily meat pies @ $8.90

Bacon & Egg Pie
Flakey pastry shell baked with pancetta, two eggs and topped with b├ęchamel sauce @ $8.00

Sausage Roll
A choice of our daily sausage rolls @ $7.50



Salad Platter

Small (1-2 people) $14.00
Medium (3-5 people) $25.00
Large (5-8 people) $32.00


Cheese Platters Quoted on cheese selected

Large Dip Bowls
Seasonal for example carrot,
beetroot hummus, roasted eggplant $20.00

+ crispbread and bread $10.00


Sandwich Platter
A selection of our fresh sandwiches; three pieces per person @ $14.50 per person


A mixed box of our criossants  ham & cheese, almond & plain with jam, 6 per platter @ $45.00


Petit Fours/Mini Options (minimum 50 serves) $1.90-$3.00ea 3 pieces per serve


Petit Fours/Mini Options (minimum 50 serves) $1.90-$3.00ea 3 pieces per serve

                 to view our order form or email us with any questions regarding your next party of function.